Belle, the ex-battery hen, chicken painting.


This is Belle, my ex-battery hen.    We've been keeping rescue chickens for years now and currently have four of them, all of them being more than two years free.   During lockdown when eggs were scarce in the shops, they provided 250 free eggs for our elderly neighbours.   We were really proud of them.     


Paper prints:

My team have put our giclee prints together and we are producing our rescue chicken paper prints on our lovely fine art soft textured paper. They are finished in a matte varnish to protect them. We produce them in standard sizes so that you'll have a very wide choice of frames.


Canvas prints:

Our canvas prints are printed onto our cotton canvas and are finished in a subtle gloss varnish. They come wrapped around wooden stretcher bars and are ready to hang.


Original Oil Painting

The original oil picture of my cheeky rescue hen will be available for sale soon.


Thank you for looking at my ex-battery chicken picture.


Chicken gifts in art.

ex battery hen chicken painting

  • Paper Prints     Our ex-battery chicken painting giclee paper prints come just as they are, unframed.   They are printed  onto our lovely "torchon" paper.     They come in a choice of two sizes, 7 x 5 inches and 8 x 10 inches.   We have specifically chosen these measurements as there is such a wide choice of beautiful frames to choose from in these sizes.   Our paper prints come with a narrow white border. 

    Canvas Prints.  Our rescue chicken painting giclee canvas prints are ready to hang.   You do not need to frame them.   They are printed onto our premium quality cotton canvas.   The canvas is then wrapped around wooden stretcher bars of 2cm width. This "frameless" way of presenting the picture gives it a very contemporary feel and the appearance of "floating" on the wall.

    What is Giclee?     Giclee prints are the choice of art galleries, museums and collectors.  To find out more about our giclee paper and canvas prints, please take a look at our page "What is Giclee?"

    Thank you for looking at our  rescue chickens painting.

  • We have a "no quibble" returns policy.  Please see our "Customer Support"page for details.