My name is Lizzie Beckerley, and I'm a Welsh artist.  


Now that my five children have flown the nest, I live with my partner, dog, elderly horse and four rescue chickens.  Not all in the same house!   

I come from a family of actors, singers, poets, writer and painters, so "the arts" are very much "in the blood."   Sometimes it strikes me that I'm a replica of my father, whose favourite way to spend his day would be to stand, in paint splattered clothes, at his easel, listening to very loud music.

I can't remember a time when I didn't love to create and draw and I always imagined that I'd follow a career path in that vein.    But life, and the inevitable need to earn a living, often gets in the way of doing the things we love and for so many years, I never picked up a paintbrush.  I spent my working life as a solicitor, but the insatiable desire to paint never went away and in 2017, I finally hung up the suit for good to enable me to paint full time.   If your heart is telling me to do something, then you have to listen.   Somebody once said to me, "let your heart be your compass."   I let it.

My life has had more twists and turns than I could ever have imagined and I recently moved to Herefordshire after living in Cardiff for the whole of my life.  I now live in a lovely riverside village, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and flood meadows.  But it was "love" that brought me here, not the beauty of the place.

I paint my pictures in the medium of oils.  I love how vibrant and bold oil colours are.   I look to paint images that make me smile and I have so much pleasure in painting them.   That's my favourite part and I'd happily spend all day, every day, just painting.   A fellow artist once said told me that he felt "happy when it rained" because he could then justify staying in all day painting.    I can so relate to that.  


The hard work starts when my pictures need to go into print.  That's when my helpers come into play. It's not just me working hard to get my giclee prints together.  We are a family team, comprising of my incredibly supportive partner who assists me in getting my pictures into print and my son Michael, who prepares the pictures for sale, once they've been printed. 


Our print workshop is in Cardiff and so I find myself going back and forth pretty often.    I always "air thump" when I see the "Welcome to Wales" sign.   I'm still a Welsh girl at heart.


I can't now imagine a future without painting.   I love animals and so it's natural that they're a subject I'm drawn to.

Many of my own pets, past and present, feature in my paintings.